GURUSON Compactor is designed specially for compacting 100% cotton knitted fabric like jersey, piquet, interlock, plush, rib and sinker etc. as well as cotton blended fabric in rope form, changing the loft and dimensional stability of the fabric and presenting it to plaited form. Fitted with two felt compacting units which makes it to obtain top quality fabric, with minimized shrinking nature and a soft fluffy hand.




Double Vaporizer Tank

Makes it possible to moisten the fabric on either side to ease the spreading out of the fabric before the calendaring process is performed. The double tank is made entirely of stainless steel.



The magnetic & motorized stretcher keeps the width of the tabular fabric constant and makes it possible to obtain the desired overfeed. It transports the fabric to the first felt by opening and stretching the fabric to a variable extent, Which can be controlled from the operator panel. A pair of optical censers makes it possible to detect holes in the fabric, and a safety device ensures that the lances are in the proper position.

Technical Specification
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 60" Compactor6040 x 3350 x 2200 mm
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 72" Compactor6040 x 3650 x 2200 mm
Maximum Working Width1400/1700 mm
Minimum Working Width280 mm
Working Speed5-40 m / Min.
Electric Load10 Kw/12Kw
Steam Consumption150-250 kg / hour-4bar
Air Pressure4bar

Salient Features

  • Dimensions stability
  • Constant sensitivity during plaiting
  • J-Box feeding device AC drive control
  • Automatic Cylinder temperature controller
  • Overfeeding up to ± 20%
  • Photocell fabric detector
  • PLC Controlled
  • Duel Touch screen (Digital Display).
  • Total Machine A.C. drive controlled.
  • Fabric measurement device with digital meter.
  • Controlled with pneumatic values & cylinders.
  • All gears boxes Italy make.
  • Provided with Teflon conveyor
  • Felt made in France or Italy. 
  • Tension rod controlled with gear box
  • Hydraulic controlled trolley
  • Anti Magnetic device
  • Auto width control

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